K9 Klubhouse AAC Agility Trial

Oct 20 & 21 2018, Red Barn Event Centre, Barrie On

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Send us a copy of your 2018 Height Card if you haven't alread checked in with us - You then will not need to register at the Trial

You only need to register once - we will keep you on file

Packages apply Before Closing ONLY
Packages per owner,
Package of 1-2 runs = $20.00 (17.70 per run + hst)
Package of 3-4 runs = $19.00 (16.80 per run + hst)
Package of 5-8 runs = $18.00 (15.90 per run + hst)
Package of 9 plus runs = $16.00 (14.00 per run + hst)
Entry Fee per Run after closing. and Day of ..$20.00
Juniors Entry per run……… …..…$10.00
FEO per run...$15.00
Fun Run ...$10.00
*Owner as listed on AAC ID card. This allows you to split your runs between any of your dogs for the lower fees

Cathy Grant, Sharon Dunsmore, Billie Mclean

Late Entry Fees apply after the closing date:
Oct 12, 2018

NB: if using your Credit Card from your Paypal Account, choose PayPal as your payment option.

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Credit Card and Expiry Date - Phone to my Private Answering Service - 905-837-2364
* Number, Expiry date and 3 digit code on back of card

Make Check Payable to:
K9 KLubhouse
Mail to
Trial Secretary
738 Edgeood Rd. Pickering, On L1V 2Z6

Email to sharon@k9klubhouse.ca
Choose an answer I will know without having to look anything up Please !! :-)

We ask that everyone help out as trials cannot happen without help from competitors. I will do my best to accomodate your preferences. Many helpers make for quicker days for everyone especially our hard working judges!!!!! A Volunteer Schedule will be emailed just before the Trial.

Thank you, we cannot hold these Trials without all of your help!