Offering positive training solutions,help with behaviour problems, puppy training,and events such as Agility Trials.
Sharon first started K9 Klubhouse in 1989 in south Oshawa. The business grew quickly making it evident that there was a large need for the type of dog training service that K9 Klubhouse had to offer. Sharon often questioned the status quo of the current dog training modalities and tried innovative techniques long before they became popular. Clients loved having fun while learning about dogs and how to train them. The move to Ajax was a large step in being able to offer more innovative services. As time went on it once again was necessary to move this time, to Pickering in 1996, a large 5,000 Sq. ft. location where Agility could be added to the long list of programs offered. The Pickering Facility offered grooming, day care, obedience training, behaviour modification, Agility , Rally Obedience and more. In March, 2008 due to rapidly rising rental fees, and the need to slow down somewhat, Sharon decided to close the facility and has moved her dog training career into newer dimensions.

Now Sharon is providing private training in the clients home,teaching Agility at K9 Central and

co-ordinates dog events such as Agility Trials & Seminars. As Well Sharon is currently a CKC &

AAC Agility Judge in Canada

K9 Klubhouse

…training with trust and mutual respect
When I read a variety of Dog Training Web pages, I often wonder how clients could possibly make a choice. The misinformation and mixing of terms, both scientific and made up, make it very difficult to wade through while trying to choose your training method and trainer. "Client Beware" is still important in the dog training industry. There are no requirements, no recognized educational programs for Dog Trainers, and it really depends on the ethics of the person doing the training. The Client really needs to know what they want and not just blindly follow advice given by the "professional".
I truly do believe in the methods I employ which is Positive Reinforcement and Games Based strategies. You must develop a strong, trusting relationship with your dog. We are here to show you how to do that for your dog. You need to know how dogs think and learn, and education about dogs is as important as the "how to" of dog training. To teach them effectively we need to question old routines and myths, like the wolf pack theories that abound, and ask ourselves what makes sense to us. Our dogs are not wolves. They have developed their own social structures, social conduct, and rules. They have quite different ways than we do. I believe we need to embrace their differences and learn how to help them fit into our society. At K9 Klubhouse we are committed to meeting your K9 needs with innovative and creative services that are reasonably priced. We are LEADERS in positive, motivational dog training. We use proven techniques based on principles of "How Dogs Learn" (operant conditioning, clicker training, real life training using games that teach many important skills to help you and your dog achieve your best. We don't use or need choke chains or physical force to train our best friends.
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