Offering positive training solutions,help with behaviour problems, puppy training,and events such as Agility Trials.


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K9 Klubhouse

…training with trust and mutual respect
Common Dog Problem Solutions While there is no quick fix for many dog issues, some develop due to lack of early training or missed steps in the initial training. This can lead to some common, almost predictable, training issues.
The Basics
With Video Meetings or In-Home Consultations we can help You and your dog. All dogs are different so a plan will be developed and varied to meet you and your dog’s individual needs. Some will need more than others! All programs listed will provide handouts and follow-up. Session Lengths are usually 1.5 to 2 Hours. **More about Video Consultation Click Here Suitable for any dog over 1 year with or without previous training who need refresher in certain areas Cost: *Online Video Consultation- $65.00 - further Sessions -$50.00 In-Home Consultation - $100.00 - further sessions $75.00 Oh Don’t Pull Me A step by step Positive approach to teaching your dog to walk with you on a loose leash. This is not heeling just don’t pull me down the street. This is so important as many dogs are relegated to their back yards when walking them is not enjoyable. There are many easy fun techniques that will teach you how to get your dog walking and not pulling. No special equipment required Come Here Now So how do we get this to happen! This is not as hard as you think. Having a dog who will come to you when called allows you and your dog to have much more freedom in life such as off leash walking in parks. Many of the concepts can be taught in your home. Developing these habits for your dog is actually fun for both of you! Pay attention! One of the most important skills for your dog to have. Also know as focus. Paying Attention is not about the dog looking at you when you hold the cookie in front of your face or issue the command to watch you! Without your dog’s attention, it is hard to tell them what you want them to do.
All Above plus
Basic Training for you and your dog at your house, on your schedule This 4 lesson package (approx. 5 hours) includes the basics of dog obedience training, attention, stay, come and walk on a leash will be covered. Using positive training based on our successful methods used at K9 Klubhouse Training Center for the past 25+ years. Includes handouts and reading materials. and follow-up sessions. Suitable for all dogs over 1 year of age and dogs who you have recently acquired or is now an adolescent. *note first session is 1.5-2 hr.
Cost: In-Home Consultation - $300.00 Not currently available due to Covid-19
When covid-19 done!
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Dogs are our best friends. They deserve this
Not sure what you need
Not sure what to do for your dog ? contact vial email or messenger to arrange for a call Click Here
Private Consult Just want to discuss your specific issue and get tips to help your dog? Then we can arrange a 30 minute Consult by phone or Virtual Meeting. Contact via email or Messenger. We will need some details before the consult and possibly video review. Cost: $30.00