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Video Consultations
Many of our services can be virtual using Google Meet depending on your devices. Video meetings are very productive, cost effective and much like private training in your home, on your schedule. During our meeting, we can discuss your issues, watch video presentation of training techniques applicable to your pet and also review any videos you send providing feedback from a professional trainer. Training skill sets via video can be reviewed during the meeting. Handouts will be sent after the meeting and will include Follow-up. Step 1: Choose Your program Step 2: Fill out the Registration Form. Step 3: I will contact you via email for an appointment time and request any videos that might be useful Step 4: You will receive an invite to join Google Meet. For Meet video calls, you will need: Computer with compatible browser (Chrome Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari) The Meet mobile app or the Gmail mobile app. Supported Operating system (Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows, Chrome OS) A broadband connection to the internet. A built-in web camera on your computer or phone/tablet, or external USB camera.
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New puppy or new dog or New problems Yes you can certainly find lots of help on the Internet but sorting through it can be difficult. Getting training tips and instruction from an experienced coach, who can watch you and your dog is incredibly helpful. Feedback is so important to help you teach your dog and be sure you are doing the best your can.